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    Oracle Applications Adapter: Composite is not invoked


      I have created a small SCA composite containing:

      1 Oracle Applications Adapter
      1 File Adapter
      1 Mediator

      The purpose of this SCA is to write a certain Business Event within the E-Business Suite into a log file.

      When deploying the composite, the considered business events are subscribed. When performing the operations to be logged, I can see that the business events are written into the EBS database, into the WF_BPEL_QTAB table. Obviously, the business events are even dequeued, because they are listed within the EBS database as AQ$_WF_BPEL_QTAB_H.

      However, the composite is not instantiated. I can not see any instances within the Enterprise Manager. Also the log file does not contain any error.

      Does anybody have an idea?