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    LoV row remains selected

    Stephen J.
      JDev, JHS

      I have a parent group with a detail group with child records. Child records are added from a popup LoV (JHS-style, not ADF-model) of available records. A user will add a child record to the first record in the parent record set, and from the popup LoV they will select the 3rd row of 5. They save and move forward to the next record in the parent set. They add a child record here and when they popup the LoV the third of the 5 rows is still selected (both parent records select from the same list of child records). At least it looks like it is still selected. If the user clicks "Ok" in the popup without actually clicking on the row (which they do because they think it is selected) nothing actually gets copied to the new child row because the record was not really selected. The row will only really add if, in the LoV, you first click off of the row that looks like it is selected, and then click back on to it to actually select it.

      Is there some setting I can change somewhere which will keep the row from looking like it is selected when the LoV pops up on subsequent uses? The LoV is currently set to refresh "When entering the page".