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    LOV in tabular form dependent on another column

    C Patel

      I have a tabular form (updateable report based on query) which has various columns that are made editable based on their Display As column attribute. One such column is a Select List (named LOV), but now I have a requirement to make this column value dependent on another column's value. As I saw on other forum postings, I changed this column to be based on APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY instead. I then changed its Display As column attribute to "Standard Report Column," since otherwise it renders the select list HTML code the report. Because I have other editable columns in, I found that in making these changes, it shifted their corresponding form element id which I make reference in various page processes using the G_Fxx value. Is there something I'm missing or did wrong? Any suggestions for making this less painful than to change G_Fxx references in my pl/sql page processes?

      Ideally, it would have been more simple if I could have left the column as editable and change the Display As to Select List (query based LOV) and be able to reference the other column's value in a WHERE clause using #COLUMN_NAME#.

      Thanks for any help!

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          So one thing that sometimes gets lost when working with LOV's is that some of the LOV types actually require that you reserve TWO javascript ID's for their use. The basic SELECT_LIST_FROM_LOV only requires the one ID, but all of the popup types need two, and they MUST be consecutive.

          Try re-ordering the javascript ID's in your form and leave holes around any of your popup LOV's and see if that helps.
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            Have you managed to solve the problem?
            I have the same problem.

            When using SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY and column type "Standard Report Column", array (g_fxx) number is lost.


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              Hello Everyone,

              Is there any solution for this?

              I tried "Select list(query based lov)" and referred the other column using #COL_NAME# and directly by COL_NAME, but nothing works.

              also tried dynamic query using return 'my query' but that also doesn't work.

              if anyone worked on a scenario like this, please post the solution.

              I am getting this error when I tried any of the above:
              report error:
              ORA-20001: Error fetching column value: ORA-06550: line 1, column 56:
              PL/SQL: ORA-01744: inappropriate INTO
              ORA-06550: line 1, column 13:
              PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored

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