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    Configurator : how to open new url in selfwindow

    Ashok singam
      Hi all,

      When a button is clicked in configurator screen, i am raising a command and then in extn code i am doing urlRedirect as below:

      CXUtilities.urlRedirect (response, url, conf.getContext());

      But it is opening the url in new window.How can I open the URL in the same window?

      There is one more way to open url.Instead of raise command,i can use 'open url' and i can provide url and i can set the option 'self window'. But i cannot use this method.As i need to preprocess the url for valid mac session before opening the window.Otherwise when you come back from new window by using 'czReturnToConfiguratorUrl', you might get errors.

      I need some help in method1 to open url in selfwindow.Its urgent.Please help me.