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    unable to find the policy file with 12C, with old version 10.3.4 works fine

      Hi !
      Iam using 12 C( and when i deploy the app, iam getting below error. I have this policy file under %WL_HOME%\common\lib\policies. And this setting works fine with 10.3.4.

      Unable to find policy: "abc.xml", please make sure to use dynamic wsdl when initializing the service stub

           at weblogic.wsee.policy.runtime.PolicyServer.loadPolicy(PolicyServer.java:183)
           at weblogic.wsee.policy.runtime.PolicyServer.getPolicy(PolicyServer.java:118)
           at weblogic.wsee.policy.deployment.PolicyRef.getPolicy(PolicyRef.java:207)
           at weblogic.wsee.policy.deployment.PolicyReferenceWsdlExtension.getEffectivePolicy(PolicyReferenceWsdlExtension.java:125)
           at weblogic.wsee.policy.deployment.WsdlPolicySubject.getEffectivePolicyFromWsdlExtensible(WsdlPolicySubject.java:485)
           Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace


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