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    Oracle Application Test Suite Agent (Malformed URL)

      Hi I am trying to connect to a remote monitoring agent so i can collect some performance data for a Test. I am trying to connect to an apache box which has the agent installed and listening on port 9001.

      The problem i am having is with the Connection between the Apache Agent and the OATS Agent.
      When the connection is attempted i am receiving the following error in the log:
      Output From: wls_oats.log
      2012-03-20 10:47:01,864 ERROR [DataCollectorManager] <DataSourceAlertMessage tsid="t3://OAT01:8088/oats/ds0" alertid="1" alertState="true" message="Malformed URL: Number of Retries: {1}." timestamp="1332240421

      Anyone received this before?