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        Hi Tom,

        Thanks again for the hard work. You should be awarded (and rewarded) :)

        I've tried the new plugin with the new package...

        First the possitive thing: The error dissapeared when I opened a single record!

        Unfortunately the records found with the word 'velzen' inside a different column than NAME, are treated as a single row without a next or previous id.

        I've uploaded the debug file so you can see where it goes wrong.


        So it looks like the package doesn't search/query the extra (other) columns used in the IR.

        Again, thank you so much!

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          Tom Petrus
          - Your INFORMATION_TOTAL column seems to be getting skipped, and instead NAAM is being reused again. Can you check the attributes for the INFORMATION_TOTAL column, especially the attributes: "Display Type" under column definitions and "Column Filter Type" under list of values.
          - wow, i didn't intend to have that error catching in place there, i forgot to remove it just there. My package has the right code, but i must've messed up my ctrl+c ctrl+v skills again. I put those in at first for gracefullness, but then again, a good nice crash would be a lot more valuable in my opinion :) The whole things should work without extreme crashes anyway, and a no-data-found is worthless: even with no next and previous values the select would not create an ora-1403. But ah well, these things need to be debugged either way.
          - i'll be at the OGH apex day 26th of march. You can always treat me there ;p
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            I am such an idiot... I'm so sorry, but the informatie_totaal column is a CLOB column...
            That must be why the query didn't work as it should be...

            I've just updated the table, moved the clob to a varchar2 type and it's working like a charm!

            I'm a bit ashamed but happy for you :)

            Thanks so much again...
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              Tom Petrus
              It should probably work with a clob column, but my parse falls over the 'column filter type' attribute i believe. It might've been blank for your clob column (not able to set it perhaps?), meaning it would skip over it. I may try to reproduce this, might simply be an oversight since i use no clobs anywhere. Don't put yourself in trouble though, if your column can be > 4000 chars you might run into errors.
              Anyway, glad you got it to work :)
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