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    PROC and single quote issue


      I encounter a little issue in the precompilation process of our PRO*C code.

      It was designed to be compiled on Solaris with PRO*C and CC.

      Now that we are changing to AIX, we have many simple modifications to make.

      Our actual configuration is:
      PRO*C/C++ Release

      the PRO*C compilation options are sqlcheck=full , lines = yes , code =ansi_c parse=partial

      Now we are puzzled by a specific issue.

      The error code is common:
      PCC-S-02021, Nouvelle ligne détectée au cours du balayage d'un littéral chaîne
      Found newline while scanning string literal
      PCC-S-02010 fin de fichier détecté au cours du balayage d'une constante chaine
      found end-of-file while scanning string literal

      the actual error comes from a simple quote in
      sprintf(gtc_msg,"french sentence with a single quote ' and two constants '%s' '%s' ", Const1,Const2);

      It was working with the old configuration, but now on AIX we have an error. It is "solved" by removing the simple quote ( the use of backslash \' does not work.)

      Now that it's removed, it seems that the errors keep on rising from every single quote presented in strings and also in "//" comments line !

      To resume, what kind of option is needed to make proc understand the simple quote as it was in our old server?
      Or what could be the source of the problem.

      Thanks a lot,