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    OBIEE/BI APPS complete environment setup


      I am new to biaps/obiee. I would like to learn OBIEE and BI apps .I currently have installed Informatica 9.1 and OBIEE on my XP laptop and have been learning things on my own. I would like to learn BI APPS. I guess To lean BI apps I need to have EBS with vision database demo installed.

      I need some directions and help in setting up the complete OBIEE/BI APPS environment. I guess for whole OBIEE/BI APPS setup I need following components. I got this information from this forum

      1. EBS (this would be your source data)
      2. informatica (etl engine to extract/transform/load canned mappings you get after u install & configure obia)
      3. dac (to build your execution plans and run tasks etc. )
      4. obia (to get the rpd & etl mappings)
      5. obiee (reporting suite to report off of obaw warehouse)"

      I have few questions about setting up all the above components.

      1) Can I install all 5 components (EBS,Informatica,DAC,OBIA,OBIEE) on same machine? I have currently installed oracle 10g,OBIEE and informatica 9.1 on my windows XP laptop. I want to set up entire environment for learning purpose. Please suggest the right way of setting up all the above mentioned components

      2) From where do I download EBS from ?

      3) Do we have to install these in some particular order ?

      Your response is very much appreciated

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          It is not recommended to install all the components on one machine. The best practices would be

          1. Install EBS on one machine
          2. Install Informatica Server, DAC Server on one machine (or else you can install both Informatica Server & Client, DAC on one machine) which ever is feasible to you.
          3. Install OBIEE Server on one machine ( As you are saying that it is for learning purpose, I assume that you might not have those many machines). It is not mandatory tht you cannot install obiee on informatica server. You can install Informatca,DAC, OBIEE on one machine (The above suggested are best practices).
          4. You can get it from oracle site link ( am not sure about the exact link for ebs).
          5. You can install it in any order but try to do informatica server & client, OBIEE, DAC and prior to this install ebs.

          Navin Kumar Bolla
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            Hi Navin,

            Thanks for the reply. So I can install everything on 2 machines. I will install Informatica,DAC and OBIEE on single machine( windows XP system) and EBS on another machine may be a virtual machine with linux on it. I guess I can download vmware player and oracle linux free from oracle edelivery site to create a VM.

            Thanks once again for your reply
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              Andy Coates

              If you are an Oracle Partner you can download complete VirtualBox images for OBIA (including DAC/Informatica) and EBS R12 (with Vision data) from here:-


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