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    Issue with servlet and apache

      For instance, If client1 use a request with dataset lets say {A} to server and gets the response back as per data{A}, meanwhile, If client2 uses a different set for data lets say to server and gets the response as per data{B}, but the screen display for client1 for any further event on its own screen also changes according to data{B} which is somewhat not desirable for client1.

      It should be multiple access for different clients with different data sets at any moment of time but not multiple sessions. Is it possible through apache.
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          It's possible to write servlets which don't incorrectly share data between clients, yes. But no, you can't run servlets in Apache. If you were hoping to just change platforms and make this problem go away, that isn't going to work. This problem is typically caused by people writing servlets which aren't thread-safe. Using instance variables or static variables in the servlet is a typical way to cause the problem; there are other ways but all of them involve that sort of thing.

          So it's your programming problem to fix.
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