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    Unable to delete revision for 'MARKUP

      Hi, a user create a markup with Autovue and as an Administrator in UCM, I try to delete it I received an error message saying "Unable to delete revision for 'MARKUP_xxxxx'. Can not delete the markup, user "abc" is not the markup owner "xyz"". The user abc as the administrator's right. Is there a way to adjust the security in Autovue, viewlink,...?
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          This sounds like a markup policy issue.

          If you have done an integration using ISDK, in GetPropCSI_Markups you should have the list of properties you need to adjust to your needs; check your MarkupPolicy.xml file to see how you have configured it - by default, the ISDK package is set to do exactly what you describe: allow only the owner to delete a markup, regardless of permissions.

          +<!-- Only allow owner to delete master markups -->+
          +<Action name="DeleteMarkup" default="true">+
          +<MarkupFileCondition name="CSI_MarkupType" value="master"/>+
          +<MarkupFileCondition name="CSI_DocAuthor" value="$CURRENT_USER"/>+

          Refer to its documentation, it should solve your problem.
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            Ricardo Av-Oracle
            Markup policy applies to the MobilePack or the Online/Offline case
            For normal operations, policy is dictated by the VueLink
            So if the markup can not be deleted, it is possible that the condition for delete is to be the owner of the markup
            Not sure if this is configurable on the VueLink for UCM, which version?
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              Delete markup permission is hardcoded at VueLink side code. “Only the owner of the markup can delete it”.

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                Thanks for the answer, I think you're right. The version of vuelink is 20.1