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    PowerPoint PPSX files download as "live" Powerpoint, not as slide show

      If you save a Powerpoint as a "PowerPoint Show" (or PPSX) file, and open it from your desktop, it will open in Powerpoint slide show mode. The viewer cannot alter it or save another copy.

      If you take the SAME PPSX file and load it to Beehive, and then click on it, you get the choices of OPEN or SAVE. If you OPEN it, it does NOT open in Powerpoint slide show mode, but instead it opens in REGULAR Powerpoint as a "read-only" with FULL rights to SAVE-AS under a different name.

      This completely defeats the purpose of trying to share a presentation with a non-Oracle "group" when the presentation is best seen as a slide show, and not seen simply as a "flat" PDF file created through "print to PDF".

      is this a bug? Is there another way?

      Thank you!!