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    Database Refresh

      Hi All

      Please let me know the best practice to refresh Production Database with Test Database.

      We using Primavera EPPM 8.1.No we need to refresh the production database with test.

      Please help me in getting sime scripts or procedure to export all the schemas of test and import them to production.

      Basically I am looking if we need to have some steps to be followed for p6 extended schema(pxrptuser) and other stuff.

      Thanks & Best Regards
      Pradeep TTRB
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          Sachin Gupta
          you can try using Data Pump for export/import. Look for Oracle documentation for this
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            Pablo Oyarzo-Oracle
            well, datapump is not recommended for EPPM. You should use imp/exp to export the database and use all your EPPM users (privuser, pubuser, admuser, etc)
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              Sachin Gupta
              Any idea why data pump is not recommended for EPPM? Can you please point me to any Oracle Doc on this or share your personal experience if there are issues with it?

              Sachin Gupta
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                I do not see any logical reason to use datapump here...although the only thing I have ever used it for is to migrate a database from one platform to another (Oracle to Microsoft).

                Why would you not utilize Oracle's built-in imp/exp functionality to do this? Seems to me like this is a perfect use case.
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                  Sachin Gupta
                  I would say you can chose any one of them...its a matter of choice... Below are few of the Oracle docs and discussion. There are some advantages and some disadvantages of using one over the other


                  exp and expdp

                  I am still looking for doc that says data pump is not supported for EPPM or it cannot be used
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                    Ahh, now I see. I was thinking of PPM's migrate.bat utility (as I have heard this referenced as pumping data). You are referring to impdp/expdp which is essentially the newer version of imp/exp. Certainly either could be used for refreshing/moving a schema but dp will likely produce faster results.

                    Another article referencing the difference between imp/impdp: http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_differences_imp_impdp_import_data_pump.htm