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    UCM & SES integration problem

    Magno Godoy
      Hello all,
      We are Integrating Oracle SES with Webcenter content for a POC and when we try to create Oracle Content server Source in SES, it gives following exception:

      09:06:40:415 ERROR main EQG-31209: No security attribute defined for
      source (id=29)
      at oracle.search.crawler.WebCrawler.init(WebCrawler.java:852)
      at ImtCrawler.run(ImtCrawler.java:2154)
      at ImtCrawler.main(ImtCrawler.java:555)

      09:06:40:415 ERROR main EQG-30249: Crawler process aborted

      i've tried a few workarounds but could not fix it
      Can someone Help me?