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    Automated Consolidation Journal

      Hi all,

      From what I read, there is what called automated Journal for [Elimination] and [Proportion]. It is also stated
      To Generate Automated Consolidation Journal, you must specify the Nature Value in the rule file for the Consolidation Process
      With Consol Method = N, I tried to see the Process Journal in [Elimination] value, I got no journal available (but I have value in [Elimination]). Actually, how to make the automated Journal come up?

      Thank you.
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          In order to see the consolidation journal, you have first to enable consolidation rules in AppSettings. Then you have to supply the HS.Con() function with a string as the third argument. This string will be used by HFM for grouping figures coming from different calls to HS.Con() into a single journal. Therefore, after doing all above, you will see those strings that you have provided as journal labels. Note that these journals are "virtual", they do not exist in the system in the classical way. You cannot modify or delete them. You can only review them, for verifying the figures your consolidation code has calculated as well as deliver them to your client for auditing consolidation journals.