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    Script Time out error in classic asp

      Hi ,

      In classic asp , i am using Stored procedure to fetch the result from oracle database . my database have 85Lakhs records . approx. 30 records are being inserted into the table. at the same time some users trying to fetch the data from same table.now i am getting script timeout error after long wait .it was an intermittent issue (sometimes it is working and sometimes it is not working). i thought it was because of performance issue with stored procedures . but in oracle Readers cannot block writers and Writers cannot block readers.so no issues with database side.i couldn't replicate the issue . i am wondering what will be the rootcause for this issue. is there anything i need to modify with the script side.by increasing the timeout property is the only solution?i tried to modify the timeout property to 180 seconds in classic asp page. please give your valuable suggestion.