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    Maximum lenght of video cable on ultra2

      Hi every body ,i hope you are doing well.

      What is the maximum length of the VGA and keyboard cables that can be used on sun ultra 2 machine without reducing the signal.

      As i want to move the monitor connected to an ultra 2 server for a distance about 40 meters.

      thank you in advance.

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          VGA is a high resolution video signal and requires a properly designed cable to carry it over a long distance. Many short VGA work over a length of 1,5 m and do not comply with the transmission standards for long distances. For long distance transmission, a 75 ohm coax cable is needed for each signals. This type of cable is usually made to order an very expensive. Standard cables over 30 m are rare.

          I think your best option is to use a TCP/IP network and use VNC (Remote Desktop).
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            Thank you Dude for your reply.

            For my connection between the ultra 2 servers and the monitors i am using DB13W3 SUN cables for video, and I want to extend this distance.

            For remote connection I thought about it, but for operational requirement this option was not accepted, and the end users need monitors to be connected to the servers.

            Thanks again.