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    Java Web Started Application Crashes During Garbage Collection

      I have an RCP/SWT application that can be run locally on a client machine or remotely using Java Web Start. I have no issues when I run the locally installed application, however, when running via Java Web Start, the JVM crashes randomly with no errors logged. The crashes appear to occur during garbage collection but since I cannot find any exception or error log files, I do not know exactly what is happening.

      I assumed the crashes were memory related, but have checked my user directory, the TEMP directory and completed a file search for "hs_err" files, and have found nothing on my machine. I have also used jvisualvm to verify that my JVM arguments are the same when running locally and via Java Web Start. Jvisualvm also showed that I was no where close to running out of memory (heap or perm).

      Has anyone had issues like this using Java Web Start. I don't really know how to debug this issue since the crash is random and no errors are logged.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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