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    Oracle Database XE 11.2 remote access problem

      Hello everyone! I have really big problem, I hope someone can help me.

      So, I have installed Oracle Database XE 11.2 on Windows XP SP2 (32bit), and this works fine. I can access Apex with db_local_ip:8080/apex, and my database.

      This PC is not in my network, so I need to configure database so I can connect remotely. This Pc is behind some router, and this is most likely the problem.

      I have turned off firewall on PC where Oracle Database XE 11.2 is installed. That PC has static IP address. When I try to access from Internet using db_public_ip:8080/apex, nothing happen. I don't have access at all.

      I have opened ports 8080 and 1521 on router, but still nothing. Anyone have any idea what problem could be? Maybe Oracle Database XE 11.2 need some more open ports?