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    Invalid XML being pushed in HTML 4,5


      The HTML Fragment above is NOT XML Compatible .

      THE divide of HTML and XHTML may not be minor , trivial , and inconsequential problem .

      A bump in the road however today every person on Earth does not have their own blog and home site with unique GAN, global area network TCP/IP address .

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        • 1. Email woes and weak XHTML
          More nonsense:

          This is an email link:
          Send Mail

          Instead it is hidden in an href. If it was in style , then it would load email and add the enclosing tags' value to the email .

          When i tried to setup a mailto handler in the OS I couldn't. I.e.

          Setting up an appropriate non-DHTML Email platform such as Outlook or ThunderBirdy . It did not work after entering the changes in the Operating System .

          As you see , mailto is a BRIDGE. Now YOU cannot use desktop software but have to use Web based email with ads .
          • 2. Not fair game
            [W3CSchools   hyperlink about mailto|http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_mailto]

            I wanted an external to the Web Browser Desktop email software such Outlook to take the mailto word and launch the desktop application as my Email CClient .

            Did not work after 2 hours . Not necessary to explain the circumstances here of the platform version , etc...