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    Problem with Answers Chart Output Not Displaying Last Column, Bottom Label

      Good morning --

      I have created an Answers chart that has the following characteristics:
      - Bar chart
      - Should display approx 20 bars
      - Data is being returned correctly as a table

      What is happening is that the frame for the chart is too small -- as a result, three or four columns are not displaying (with the last one truncated partway into displaying). The default label at the bottom of the chart is also getting cut off.

      I have tried to manipulate the size of the container in the Compound View, but this does not help -- the graph expands or shrinks with exactly the same partially truncated set of bars. Added "cell padding" and just had more white space between the edge of the container and the truncated label / bar. I have tweaked the Graph Properties to no avail.

      Can you help?