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    Docupresentment time out setting

      We have a job that times out. The XML is very large, the largest we seen so far and it simply times out.
      Where in the docserv.xml do we increase the time so it has a better chance to complete? There are so many time settings that I don't remember what to change.
      We're not sure how much more time to add, so we just want to increase it until it is successful
      Here are some excerpts of our docserv.xml. If there is anything else needed, please let me know.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!--DocumentServer section-->
      <section version="2.2" name="DocumentServer">
      <entry name="StartCommand">"C:\docserv\jre\bin\idsinstance.exe"</entry>
      <entry name="StartArguments">-Xmx256m -Ddsimessage.debug=Y -Dmarshaller.output=n -Djava.endorsed.dirs=lib/endorsed -cp lib/DocucorpStartup.jar -Dids.configuration=docserv.xml -Dlogging.configuration=logconf.xml com.docucorp.startup.Startup com.docucorp.ids.DocumentServer</entry>
      <entry name="StartDirectory">.</entry>
      <entry name="Instances">2</entry>
           ps<entry name="UseLoadBalancing">False</entry>
      <entry name="FileWatchTimeMillis">10000</entry>
      <entry name="FilePurgeTimeSeconds">3600</entry>
      <entry name="FilePurgeList">filecache.properties</entry>
           <entry name="ExpireTransactions">86400</entry>
      <section name="SNMP">
      <entry name="Enabled">no</entry>
      <entry name="MasterAddress">localhost</entry>
      <entry name="MasterPort">705</entry>
      <section name="queue">
      <entry name="queuefactory.class">com.docucorp.messaging.mqseries.DSIMQMessageQueueFactory</entry>
      <entry name="ReceiveRequestIntervalMillis">30000</entry>
      <!--Settings for MQSeries connection-->
      <entry name="mq.queue.manager">TQM1</entry>
      <entry name="mq.inputqueue.name">A.DOCUPRES.GENERATEDOC.REQ</entry>
      <entry name="mq.inputqueue.maxwaitseconds">5</entry>
      <entry name="mq.outputqueue.name">A.DOCUPRES.GENERATEDOC.REP</entry>
      <!--Remove 'DISABLE-' from the following line to use in TCP/IP 'client' mode.-->
      <!--Leave disabled to use in 'bindings' mode.-->
      <entry name="mq.tcpip.host">tqm1.testz.aoins.com</entry>
      <entry name="mq.queue.channel">DOCUMAKER.SVRCONN</entry>
      <entry name="mq.tcpip.port">6018</entry>
      <section name="WatchdogTimeouts">
      <entry name="DefaultTimeSeconds">100000</entry>
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          What request type are you executing that causes the time out, and how are you submitting the request? Are you using a web service or a custom application to submit the request? Are you communicating via a web server?

          There are several factors at play, and if you can narrow down your case then we can get the right info to you :)

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            Here is our request type, we renamed RPD to Genpdf. The request is submitted via a web service and we do communicate via a web server. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

            <section name="ReqType:GENPDF">
            <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCLogTransaction</entry>
            <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCLoadAttachment</entry>
            <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCAppend2Attachment</entry>
            <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCUnloadAttachment</entry>
            <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRSetConfig</entry>
            <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;ATCReceiveFile,ExtrFile,ExtrFile,E:\RootTest\DMSMstrres\APP\INPUT\*.XML,KEEP</entry>
            <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;ATCSendFile,DOCUMENTSTREAM,Printer1,BINARY</entry>
            <entry name="function">rpdw32-&gt;RPDCheckRPRun</entry>
            <entry name="function">rpdw32-&gt;RPDCreateJob</entry>
            <entry name="function">rpdw32-&gt;RPDProcessJob</entry>     
            <!-- -->
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              I am updating this because we still have this issue and would like to know what we need to change.
              As mentioned earlier we have a service request that hits our GenPDF reqtype. It kicks of a documaker job.
              The documaker job runs successfully, but it took too long. Docupresentment had already timed out waiting on a response.
              We see several places were there is a time stamp in the Docserv.xml, and want to know what we change so that Docupresentment will wait a little bit longer.
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                I assume you're using IDS 2.2, correct? In the 2.2 Documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16256_01/ids_book.pdf) there is a hidden clue on page 47:
                If clients are getting the time-out waiting for Server error message, increase the time-out value for the clients. To do this, set TimeOut INI option in the ReqType:XXX > control group. You can set this option for each request type. This lets you set it to a higher value for requests which take longer to process. The default time-out for > each request type is 60 seconds.
                Then there is a corresponding bit of information on page 329 with respect to the error message SRV0005:
                Server failed to process the request due to a time-out. You must enable the long transaction detection feature for the SRV0005 error to work. To enable this >message, set the client time-out longer than the Watchdog timer value on IDS side.
                I don't know off-hand how this particular entry should look in the docserv.xml, back when I did this it was when there was still a docserv.ini :-)

                Best of luck and let me know how it works out.
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                  Thanks for your help. Yeah, I found that exact description. Unfortunately we're unable to find the syntax entry based on that description. We assume ReqType=XXX indicates the request type that kick's off our Documaker job. So we'll take anything at this point. If you have the sample syntax for your docserv.ini, at least that will be a start for us.