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    opening large ant xml build file(70KB+) hangs JDeveloper

      Hey everyone!

      I've been using JDeveloper for about 6 months and I've loved it from the beginning. Everythings seems to be where it's supposed to be and the visual editor greatly speeds up the development. And it's free - amazing. But the team I work with... all of them use IDEA/Eclipse, that is what people got used to - those monstrous IDE's that I'm not realy into - ...So all my persuasions to migrate to JDeveloper crash on one point: when opening large(70KB+) ant xml build files the JDeveloper seems to be doing some syntax checking and just hangs without saying anything. The strange thing is that these files open OK in IDEA/Eclipse.
      I use the latest version of JDeveloper 11g Release 2 on Windows7-64 and 1.6.0_30 java. Can I get some help on this one to increase the JDevelper popularity among fellow java developers? :)

      Thanks in advance!

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          John Stegeman
          Do you have access to Oracle Support to file an SR?

          Can you post your build.xml file somewhere, and I'd be happy to test?

          Another thing to try: run jdev.exe/jdev64.exe (assuming you're on windows) from jdeveloper\jdev\bin. This will open JDev in a command prompt window, and any stack traces that jdev might throw internally would be displayed in the console window. Not that this would help you fix anything, but might give Oracle a clue as to where the issue lies.