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    2 rdf , 2rtf could create 1 pdf file ?

      I was wondering if it is possible to create ONE PDF file from more than 2 rdf.

      here , my thought is... there are 2 rdf that creates each PDF files.

      it would be very useful if there is a techniq that merge those PDF created files into One PDF.
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          you can use external tool for merge pdf :)

          or which way are you want ?
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            We had a similar scenario and in this case we had the respective output pdfs generated individually and merge them with PDF DOC Utils in XML publisher.

            A sample java code is:

            * Method used to merge the pdf outputs of all the jobs to generate single pdf output
                 * @param mfile          String          final output file name
                 private void mergeOutput(String mfile)throws Exception{

                      m_log.writeln("Merge following PDF files", LogFile.EXCEPTION);

                      // Initialize inputStreams
                      FileInputStream[] inputStreams = new FileInputStream[m_opfiles.size()];
                      for(int i=0; i<m_opfiles.size(); i++){
                           m_log.writeln((String)m_opfiles.get(i), LogFile.EXCEPTION);
                           inputStreams[i] = new FileInputStream((String)m_opfiles.get(i));

                 // Initialize outputStream
                      FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(mfile);
            m_log.writeln("Instantiate PDFDocMerger", LogFile.EXCEPTION);
                      // Initialize PDFDocMerger
                      PDFDocMerger docMerger = new PDFDocMerger(inputStreams, outputStream);

                      docMerger.setPageNumberCoordinates(400, 20);
                      docMerger.setPageNumberFontInfo("Arial", 10);

                      m_log.writeln("Merge Documents ", LogFile.EXCEPTION);
                      // Merge PDF Documents and generates new PDF Document
                      docMerger = null;
                 catch(Exception ex){
                      m_log.writeln("Document Merge Failed. " + ex.getMessage(), LogFile.STATEMENT);
                      throw new Exception("Document Merge Failed. " + ex.getMessage());

            These classes are part of the library "oracle.apps.xdo.common.pdf.util" which you may consider reviewing.
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              сould you write a scenario of merge by steps?

              how catch pdf outputs and merge them?
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                Please tell me the complete steps... I am new...and have similar requirments....