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    Javax web service client: suppress logging to stdout


      I'm running a javax web service client in a JBOSS context. every minute I'm calling a javax web service to request some data. By default, the javax client is logging two message to STDOUT everytime I initialize the connection like this:
                     service = new AdapterServiceService(url, new QName("http://my.company.com/", "AdapterServiceService"));
                     client = service.getAdapterServicePort();

      Since the STDOUT is redirected to my JBOSS log file, I see these two log lines on each call of my client:
      2012-03-29 16:22:09,335 INFO [STDOUT] Retrieving document at ''.
      2012-03-29 16:22:09,337 INFO [STDOUT] Retrieving schema at '', relative to ''.

      These log lines seem to be generated somewhere inside of the javax code - is there a way to disable/suppress or change these messages? I don't want to see these messages in my JBOSS log file (only maybe when I have to do troubleshooting).