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    file attachement path

      Is it possible to capture the path(location) of a file that is attached,and expose it(the path name) in an applet?If yes, how?
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          Can you elaborate a bit more why you need to do this?
          It's possible to reference a file through a URL.
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            It s just a requirement. The location/path from wher u select the file.(for eg:C:/Documents and Settings/abc.txt) is dynamic. Can it be captured by siebel and the same be exposed under a field in an applet?
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              Why do you need the location of the file when you have just attached it?
              I don't think this is possible without scripting.
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                If the path of the file is given, Siebel should be able to read the content of the file from the given path and process it to create a record. Is it possible?

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                  You need to explain this more.
                  Is this going to be in a fixed directory with dynamic file names, or also dynamic directories?
                  Is this going to be a recurring batch job, or is this user triggered?
                  What kind of record will be created?
                  Where does the file come from?

                  If you give us more context, we might be able to come up with a solution.
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                    Alright..It s goin to be dynamic directories,user triggered.For example, if it is an excel file with multiple records/lines, siebel should be able to read those records and convert them into service requests.
                    Also the answer to "Where does the file come from?".It depends on the user(from where he selects it)
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                      It looks like the attachment functionality of Siebel is of no use here.
                      The only thing might be the archiving of the Excel sheets, but it will not help you to create the SRs.

                      It's important to know where the Excel comes from, as that might give an opportunity for another solution.
                      Does the Excel sheet come from a third party, or is it generated by an internal system/person?

                      It's possible to add VB script to an Excel sheet that can connect to Siebel and create the SRs based on the contents of the sheet.

                      You can also create a custom button that will prompt the user for the file:
                      How to prompt for File Browse in Web Client Application? [ID 534068.1]
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                        From what I understand, you would like to read an excel file and create SRs from them. This can be done automatically if you are going to have a standard path and file name by using RCRs or it can be done by user intervention.
                        The following link will point you in the correct direction:

                        However, note that this will work only if the Siebel Server you have is Windows based. In case, you are not having a windows siebel server, then you will have to do the process by user intervention wherein you will have to write the code on the Browser script of the applet. In browser script, the COMCreateObject is to be replaced with ActiveXObject.
                        If you are using COM object from server code, ensure that Excel is installed on the siebel server and the file is accessible from the siebel server. In the ActiveXObject usage, Excel needs to be present on user's system.

                        Hope this helps.
                        Warm Regards