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    Verrrrryy Slloooow at search: text not found

    Henrie Cuijpers
      Hi, when i use the upper left quick-search-box (does that thing have a name?) and i hit a "text not found" it first displays a rectangular box over the textbox after 10 seconds (or something like that) the litte popup "Text not found" come's in.

      See images http://soffitta.cuijpers.it/shareimg/57997e1ed2020ff59e00c4f71f0ebf6a.png
      and http://soffitta.cuijpers.it/shareimg/4536ec106831af9ccf829f9a5667edf2.png

      It happens also when the search-text appears somewhere on the page before the cursor position.... This is very annoying because i use this search method a lot..

      btw i'm using 3.1 on osx (in oracle-look because the osx look keeps crashing :(....)

      Thanks in advance!