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    3.1 Prod : Reconnect does not work on tree item navigator


      I am using SQL Dev 3.1 Prod.
      I noticed about the Reconnect option given the connection tree context menu.
      The reconnect does work for the worksheet, however it does not do any good to the tree list.

      Step to reproduce :
      1. Open a connection
      2. Let it idle say 1 hour (or until the DB disconnect it), in my case company firewall closes the connection after one hour idle.
      3. Right click on the connection tree - Reconnect
      4. The query on worksheet does work
      5. However, opening tree items (tables, views, packages, or anything) simple return nothing.

      Is this intended behavior?
      I'd say this should be marked as bug.


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          Same here. IMO, the current "reconnect" option is more confusing than helpful. Hopefully future releases will offer something better.
          Meanwhile you can use the "Keep Alive" extension. It is not perfect (eg I find it annoying to have to activate it every time I open a connection that needs it, it will not "stick"). Something similar, optional and integrated with the connection definition would be ideal.
          I suspect part of the problem is the difficulty for devs of testing this if they do not encounter the problem themselves. Please somebody at Oracle, put a nasty firewall between then and their test db, so they feel the urge to scratch that itch!-)
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            I have noticed the same problem, very annoying if you work using VPNs.

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