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    Request Validation Issue

      Hi to all, I'm having a very tedious issue with request validation. In my dataset I have two fields configured as follows:

                     lookup-query="select USR.USR_DISPLAY_NAME as USERNAME, USR.USR_LOGIN as LOGIN
                                    from USR
                                    where USR.USR_STATUS = 'Active' order by USERNAME"

      and exactly the same for "Field2". I have a validator implemented for this request dataset, already tested for the validation of other two fields (non lookup-query) in the same dataset.
      I would like to validate the fields "Field1" and "Field2" if they are filled in with a user. Once I try to submit the request with these fields blank, the validator correctly returns "Field1 not filled" (because the exception is thrown first for "Field1" validation). I go back to the request form and populate field1, but when I try to re-submit the request (with Field1 filled properly thanks to the lookup-query) the validator returns again "Field1 not filled".

      Inspecting the code it all seems ok, but when trying to display in oim_server output all attributes for the request entity (java.util.List<RequestBeneficiaryEntityAttribute> requestEntityAttributesList = rbe.getEntityData() where rbe is typed RequestBeneficiaryEntity ) I'm not able to get only AttributeReferences for Field1 and Field2 if the first time I submit the request to the validator these fields are not filled in.

      Where Am I wrong? Is there an issue for OIM11g? Could anyone help me?

      Thanks in advance,
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          it could be bug in your OIM version
          Please check this in metalink
          Request Data is not Available for Validation When Re-Submitting a Request [ID 1361187.1]