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    Gridlink Data Source

      I am trying to enable the the Exalogic Enhancements per the deployment guide. The documentation states to create the gridlink data source and disable the Supports Global Transactions. We need to have this option selected for our application to function properly. If I enable Supports Global Transactions, does this disable any of the gridlink features?
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          Hi PerfDBA ,

          GridLink for RAC provides more intelligent load-balancing across RAC nodes based on the current workload of each RAC node, faster connection failover if a RAC node fails and more transparent RAC node location management. Active GridLink is also able to handles global transactions more optimally, where multiple individual database operations have been encapsulated into a single atomic transaction, by the enterprise Java application.

          GridLink uses XA Transaction Affinity to pin all related database calls to the same RAC node. This avoids the overhead that occurs when a global transaction is spread across multiple RAC nodes.

          So, answering your question, the "Supports Global Transactions" would not disable gridlink features but the data processing may not be as optimal as if all the steps of the guide mentioned bu you are followed.

          For further information, please take a look at http://www.oracle.com/us/products/middleware/exalogic-software-overview-345527.pdf