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    Limited space for Oracle XE

      Good Morning,

      My database has reached the 5 GB limit in ORACLE XE 10. I need to continue the work.
      What do you recommend?. Migrate the database a Oracle 11g.
      Or do you know some tip for reducing the database, I was using a repositiry mettod y no fileserver. Is it important for the database space?.

      Greeting and thanks for your answers, I need urgent.

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          Oracle XE is the free lite version. If you upgrade to Oracle 11g full then you will need to purchace a license.

          If you are using a repository, is it JackRabbit? If so it's probably the main reason for your database growing large as the attachments are stored as BLOB files in the Expadmin admin database.
          As of PCM 13.1 JackRabbit is no longer supported, only supported repositories are Oracle UCM or MS Sharepoint.
          So you're better of switching to one of those repositories or going back to File Server attachment method. Unfortunately there is no way of transferring the attachment files from the admin database Jackrabbit repository to either of the supported content repositories or file server method. However when you do switch PCM will still open the old existing attachments stored in JackRabbit successfully.

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