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    Integration of Billing Profiles between Siebel and BRM thru PIP

      Hi all,

      I understand that the first integration of a customer between Siebel and BRM happens during Order creation, and that a billing profile created in Siebel is first sent to BRM during the Order. Also, any updates to this customer's Billing Profile are integrated thru the customer integration process, updating the customer in BRM. But I have two questions regarding this integration:

      1 - In the scenario where the customer is already created in BRM, the creation of a new Billing Profile on this customer in Siebel triggers any integration from Siebel to BRM?

      2 - If the Siebel user changes the Billing Profile of an Asset on an Order, and submit it to BRM, the a new Billinfo/Payinfo will be created in BRM?