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    DRM Import, Action Script

      Hi All,

      I am new to Hyperion DRM 11.1.2, I am confused about concepts such as metadata and data still not able to understand difference between them. What I understand is all Versions hold is set of independent hierarchies which have nodes and their property values, which is nothing but metadata.

      Please help me understand difference between data and metadata?

      There are different task groups like Import, Action script and Migration Utility all the these are essentially used for importing metadata and data in the DRM Application.

      Migration Utility - Provides the ability to bulk load metadata and security objects in DRM applications. Other operations which can be performed in migration utility are extract and difference.

      Import- It provides a way to import data in DRM Applications, but it creates new version after import

      Action Script - Used to process a bulk set of changes in an automated fashion.

      Can anyone help me understand best case scenario for when to use which utility to import metadata and data?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Likith Lanka
          Migration Utility: When you are trying to Export/Import Properties, Validations, Export Definitions, Import Definitions etc to an XML or from another server.

          Import: This function Imports a whole new Version once you have the load file in a specific Import format that you define.

          Blendor: The Version you imported Can be blended with the Actual current existing version

          Action Script: This is used when updating the current Hierarchies. Like Adding nodes, updating Properties etc.
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            I am new to DRM application i have created some sample meta data. How we can achieve the metadata load into the DRM application.