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    Cannot delete a user

      Cannot delete a user:

      root@suntt1 # getent passwd | grep 'k0013394966'

      root@suntt1 # /opt/RMee/bin/wa userdel --attrs uid=k0013394966
      ERROR: ERROR[4] login: Bad login/password
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          Bjoern Rost

          I have no idea what /opt/RMee/bin/wa ist but you could try '/usr/sbin/userdel k0013394966'. If that still does not work I'd simply remove the user by hand by removing it's line from /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and deleting the home directory. Maybe also remove the user's additional groups from /etc/group.

          Or are you using some directory service instead of files? In that case you might have to specify that with userdel. You can check for that with 'grep passwd /etc/nsswitch.conf'