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    Database - Application crashing

      Dear All,

      I am new to Oracle DBA work, so the below mentined issues are simple for you all.

      We are facing one issue here. We have database with version in Linux server and an Application running on Win 2003 is connecting to Database. Connection is happening through Terminal server.

      While users working on the application,some time the application window is crashing and the user has to connect to application again and he has to enter all the data if he didn't submit. But the same time other users can access the applciation and do their transaction.Could anyone please help , how to track the queries happening in database and If I get the queries then i can run the same from SQL promt directly.

      1- > Please help me to find the queries running by users.
      2- > Any other mothods I can track this issue

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          Satish Kandi
          Based on the information that has been given here, it does not seem like the database is the causing the application to crash.

          Since you are referring to a terminal server, I would suspect resource crunch on that server itself.
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            Clarify what you mean by "connecting through terminal server? " If you have an app server, you need to configure an oracle client on the app server to point at the database (usually TNS/JDBC). this app server will have logs

            Can you check the application logs at those time of the crash to see what its doing, narrow it down to a module, refer to developers and ask what that module does regards SQL?

            If youre new to DBAing, I wouldnt recommend tracing on the database just yet as you have many many concepts to go through to get there.
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              Concur with the responses so far - does not sound like an Oracle issue at all. Oracle does not "crash" applications running on a Windows Terminal Server somewhere, where that application GUI is display on a terminal somewhere else.

              That is all Microsoft gunk. That is Microsoft applications that are crashing. That is likely a Microsoft problem.

              Oracle's only involvement is receiving an application request, servicing that, and returning the results and status of that to the client. How can Oracle be blamed for application side crashing and acting in an unstable fashion!?
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                As others have pointed out, chances are that the Database Layer is not responsible for the problem.

                To your questions:
                You can see all connected sessions in v$session
                You can make them write trace files (containing all the SQL) with DBMS_MONITOR

                Search that in tahiti.oracle.com and you will find detailed guidelines.

                Kind regards
                Uwe Hesse

                "Don't believe it, test it!"
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                  Thanks to all ,for your consideration and time.

                  I have already informed Apps team " The issue not because of DB" and we can see an error "uniface.exe" in windows server where application is running ( ODBC,Oracle Client9.2).

                  I will go thru all these steps and will update.

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                    Hi All,

                    I can see the below log in Application:

                    2012-04-01 07:53:07.00 - Uniface session started
                    I/O function: F, mode: 1, on file/table: NUM index: 1 =
                    ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified I/O function: F, mode: 1, on file/table: NUM index: 1 =
                    ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified 2012-04-01 08:03:59.00 - Uniface session stopped
                    ORACLE Driver Error [-28]: sql driver function (SQL Workbench or sql Proc instruction) failed. I/O function: Q, mode: 0, on driver: ORA
                    ORA-01861: literal does not match format string

                    I can't see the current lock details... The session is crashing automatically, so lock is releasing that time.

                    Please let me know what I can do here,

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