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    bios to SunFire x4140 0ABMN068

      Hi,everybody! I bought used SunFire x4140 without CPUs and memory on Ebay. I completed it with two opteron 2378 and 16GB DDR2 REg/ecc, heatsinks but system won't boot, I think because of old firmware. I tried to find firmware at sun support,but I have only serial number of server,nothing more. Could anyone to give me firmware (amibios8) 0ABMN068 or 0ABMN065 or other for support opteron shanghai?
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          You will not be able to download anything unless you have a login account at "My Oracle Support" (commonly referred to as "MOS").
          You cannot get such an account until you first purchase a support contract. Even then, your purchased contract will need to include coverage for the product you hope to get support for (such as that computer you purchased).

          Next ...
          You cannot just throw any Opteron into an x4140.
          Only specific ones will work with that system design.
          A list of them is shown in the System Handbook at the Oracle site.
          ... and you need a MOS login account if you hope to get to the Handbook and to that list.

          My suggestion?
          Return the system to whoever sold it to you.
          If they won't take it back, sell it to someone else.
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            I understand that I can't download anything from "MOS" because I'm not going to pay such money for their stupid support,I see prices at sun store with minimal price for $55 (usual powercord 115v). I just need to find any x4140 owner with shanghai opteron. I'm not going to throw some opteron, Shanghai core quad-core opteron or Istanbul Six-core,because this system working with all generation. I bought this system for $75

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              Does anyone have x4140 server?
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                No one is going to jeopardize their MOS credentials by giving to for free
                what they had to pay money for. They would be subjecting themselves to possibly having all their service contract privileges cancelled by Oracle.