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    Java.Sun.com Incredibly Unreliable - Am I Crazy?

      The java.sun.com site has been incredibly unreliable lately. Am I crazy, or is everyone else having the same problem? This seems to me like it would be a big deal, because XML schema locations rely heavily on this site.
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          The oracle redirect also does not work correctly from what I can see. In fact the links on the following page all lead to errors:


          The very first link on this page works and tells you to use RSS feeds. However when you click on any of those links they produce the 404 page not found error. I wish they'd get their act together.
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            Its been like that for quite awhile, it seems to me. I thought that Oracle had just killed the server, moved all or most of the content to somewhere under oracle.com, but was too stupid to fix all the links in that content that still point to sun.com. Now I here that there is supposed to be some sort of auto-redirect. It have never worked for me. Is Oracle just trying to kill Java through neglect?