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    11gR2 Doc Navigation Pane Pain

    Daniel W. Fink
      I am accessing Oracle 11gR2 documentation locally. When I open a book in HTML format, the Navigation pane (on the left) opens. If I click Hide Navigation, it goes away...until I go to another page/chapter. Is there a way to Permanently Hide Navigation or at least Hide Navigation for the duration of a "session"?
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          Hans Forbrich
          I am very pleased with the majority of the 'doc site' improvements taht were introduced with the 11gR1 docs.

          So for what it's worth, I second Daniel's comment.

          Indeed, I'd love to get the following variations as a 'challenge' for future upgrades:

          - Cookie-based hide/show, so I can set it as a preference for all sessions
          - Have the book-search/nav user-switchable from the current back to the master tree nav found on the main page
          - Add a 'Home' to the Main categories (the Master Book list and Master Index are both in the Nav section and the Nav links at top of page, but Home is only at top of page.)

          But in general, Kudos to the web team for the layout, and to the writers for the improvements in content, especially 11gR2 (noticably DB Concepts and DBA)
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            The quality of content is so good that I overlooked the usability.

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              Go to the documentation subdirectory dcommon/js and rename the file doccd.js
              This little beastie misbehaves and steals your screen real estate, but deleting or renaming him makes your usability problems go away.

              This works on the database docs, the latest APEX 4.0 docs, etc...
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                I asked someone in the doc organization who is very familiar with this area, and this was the response:

                The site is working as designed. If we decide we want it to work differently, we'll need to scope the work. Regarding the nav bar, the thread makes four suggestions:

                * Make the navbar hide/show setting persistent across pages. This is the way it works online, but not when the downloadable zip is viewed from the local file system. For security purposes, modern browsers do not allow cookies to be set or read when Web site delivering the JavaScript cannot be reasonably established, such as when you're not accessing the content from the file system and not from a Web server such as OTN.

                * Add a Home link in the navbar. We can consider adding a home link, but -- as the poster acknowledges -- the Home link already appears at the top and bottom of every page.

                * Make the navbar be able to switch between showing the current book contents (as it does currently) and also optionally showing the library contents. This would be a lot of work, so we have to decide on priorities.

                * Disable the navbar altogether. Yes, if you delete or rename doccd.js the navbar is permanently gone. This is a good solution for people who don't want the navbar at all and who don't even want the interactive choice of whether or not to show it.

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                  This trick of deleting a local js file does not work with all the products.
                  The latest Middleware docs make explicit calls to javascript located at oracle.com - so deleting a local file does not do the trick if you're connected to the Internet.
                  Instead, you can use adblock in Firefox to block the offensive code
                  I suspect someone involved with the documentation group thinks that he (she?) knows better than I do how I want to use the documentation.
                  Perhaps they want to spy on the use of the docs by associating the requester IP address with the script access request in the HTTP server logs
                  The spying is mildly irritating, the trying to override my usability really irks.

                  You can always revert to the pdf docs - they look prettier but don't bookmark as nicely as the HTML version.