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    Resetting String variable to null on preparestatement execute call


      I am using ojdbc6.jar. I created a preparedStatement with the sql query (insert statement from local db to remote db using dblink) having a subquery in from condition.
      I am setting a string parameter in the subquery and double parameter in the outside query.
      When I call, preparedStatemet.executeUpdate() or execute() or executeQuery(), it is resetting the String parameter to null and then running the result query in database.
      My query will be look like this:

      String stmt = Insert into table1@dblink select table1.col1, table1.col2 from table1 table1, (select table1.pkcol1 from table1 table1, jointable jointable where jointable.seqid = table1.pkcol1 and jointable.name = ?) OrigQry where table1.pkCol1 = OrigQry.pkCol1 and OrigQry.pkCol1 = ?;

      PreparedStatement pstmt = Connection.prepareStatement(stmt);

      pstmt.executeUpdate(); -- This should return me the number of rows that got updated/inserted.
      But it is always saying giving me 0 output.

      When I run the same query in sqlplus I am able to insert one row.

      When I debugged this, I found out that oraclepreparedsatement is resetting my string parameter to 'null' from 'NAME' on call of executeUpdate(). I tried to use execute() and executeQuery() also. They are also behaving in same manner.