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    Want to install Siebel CRM in my PC for integrating with UCM.

      I am very familiar with Oracle UCM and trying to integrate with Siebel CRM. I have UCM 11g installed in my PC with Oracle 11g DB and also I know the configuration process or steps from siebel end as well as UCM end. Now I want to install Siebel CRM for this integration.
      I searched in orcale and found that I need the below softawres and also I downloaded it from e-delivery:
      Oracle Base Application (V26510-01_1of2 and V26510-01_2of2)
      Oracle Siebel Image creator(V26511-01)
      Oracle DB11g: OracleXEUniv

      What should I do now?
      1. Is the above softwares enough for installation of Siebel ? If yes then can anyone please tell me the installation guide docs.
      2. Should I require more softawre ?
      3. I have also V26699-01_1of6 to V26699-01_6of6 setup files for siebel but I do not know whether I should install from these because I do not have any idea regarding this setup files.