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    Object Level security - Cache Issue (patch details)

    Vinodh NK

      I have a Overview Dashboard which has 7 dashboard pages, the main overview page have links for the 7 seven dashboard pages and the dashboard pages were hided.

      Two user roles RegionARole and RegionBRole were created and users are assigned to those roles.

      In 7 dashboard pages, 3 pages are for RegionARole users and 4 Pages are specific for RegionBRole users.

      When RegionA User logon to the dashboard they are able to see only 3 RegionA dashboard pages link in the main dashboard, so far it looks fine.

      But when RegionB User logon to the dashboard immediately instead of their RegionB dashboard pages link, the 3 RegionA dashboard pages were visible to them.

      After 2-3 hours when we re login as RegionB User this time they are able to see only 4 RegionB dashboard page links, which is fine.

      But this time for RegionA User, it is showing 4 RegionB dashboard pages.

      This issue seems like some cache issue with security.

      I have seen the below link,

      Re: Users assigned to diffrnt groups/roles able to access objects not allowed?!

      Please let me know the patch details for this issue.


      Updated the role name without underscore

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