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    ICP Eliminations

      Hi All,

      Is it possible to write an ICP Elimination Rule so that the Total Eliminations happening at the child Entities should Arthimatically sum up to parent entity. Presently our rule for Elimination works in the following way:

      1) All the transactions happening between two entities present in the same Hierarchy will get eliminated and show the amount in the elimination dimension.

      2) When I sum up the all the individual eliminations it is not getting summed up to parent. For Ex( Entity A-elim has a value of 50 $ and Entity B-elim has a value of 60$ the Entity-Con should have the total as 110$) rather it is showing the contribution amount which has the transaction with the ICP partner that exists above the Hierarchy level.

      Can i get the sum of all the eliminations happening at the child entities to Parent level.

      Can anyone please help..?

      Thanks in advance..
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          you are referring to the Value dimension in a way that it does not work. The value dimension is not like other dimensions (Account, ICP and customs) where values in one member are retained in the same member when climbing up to the parent entity. When you see a number say -50 in [Elimination], then you will also see a value of 50 in [Proportion]. The two will sum up a 0 to [Contribution] and [Contribution Total]. Then this zero climbs up to the parent entity's "Entity-Con" <Entity Currency> and the eliminated values cannot be further retained.

          In addition, looking to the parent entity's "Entity-Con" [Elimination] member, bear in mind that this point of view refers to the contribution hierarchy of your parent's to the parent one level above, nothing to do with your Entities A and B. Consider that if there was no parent above your "Entity-Con", then the [Elimination] member of "Entity-Con" would be invalid.

          If you want to report what is eliminated by entity and account, you can simply write a report containing the [Elimination] members of all child entities.

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            Un posibility it will be using a custom member name for example eliminationAdjustment. And modifaied the rule so the elimination will be write in that member

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              I have take the elimination rule an add the member EliminationAdjusment.
              I have not try it, but I think that it could work

              Sub Eliminate (strAccount, strICP) 'intercompany elimination rules

              Dim CanEliminate
              Dim strPlug
              Dim dPCon

              CanEliminate = TRUE
              NegatePlug = FALSE

              If (StrComp(strICP, "[ICP None]", vbTextCompare) = 0) Then
              CanEliminate = FALSE
              ElseIf (HS.Account.IsICP(strAccount) = FALSE) Then
              CanEliminate = FALSE
              ELSEIF (HS.Node.ISDESCENDANT(HS.PARENT.Member,strICP,"") = FALSE) THEN
              CanEliminate = FALSE
              'ElseIf (HS.PARENT.ISDESCENDANT(strICP,"") = FALSE) Then
              'CanEliminate = FALSE
              strPlug = HS.Account.PlugAcct(strAccount)

              'HS.Parent.IsDescendant("I#[ICP Top]", "")
              If (strPlug = "") Then CanEliminate = FALSE
              End If

              If CanEliminate Then

              dPCon = HS.Node.PCon("")

              call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].C1#EliminationAdjustment",-1*dPCon,"Eliminacion interco")

              call HS.Con("V#[Elimination]..C1#EliminationAdjustment.A#" & strPlug,dPCon,"Eliminacion interco")

              End If

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                Thanks for your reply Sofia...

                Your reply was really helpfull, we did tried the rule for capturing Eliminations in Custom Dimensions , but i didnt really work, is there any other way to capture the Eliminations in Custom Dimension.
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                  Why it did not work. Did you create de elimination member in the custom3.
                  I try it out an it write in the elimination member.

                  I do not know any other way

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                    Sofia, is right it should work. Have you constructed a hierarchy of custom, like this?
                    You should also set the custom top member to every account (at least the intercompany ones, but it is best to setup all accounts like this) to TotalAdjustments. After consolidation, at the parent entity <Entity Currency> level, you will choose +[None]+ to view amounts before eliminations, EliminationAdjustment to view the summarized eliminations and TotalAdjustments to view consolidated amounts after eliminations.
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                      Should we include both the eliminations code as below to see the eliminations happening?

                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].C3#EliminationAdjustment",-1*dPCon,"")
                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].C3#EliminationAdjustment.A#" & strPlug,dPCon,"")

                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination]",-1*dPCon,"")
                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].A#" & strPlug,dPCon,"")

                      Because if we do not include the code below, the eliminations will not happen at all and the consolidated numbers will be incorrect.
                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination]",-1*dPCon,"")
                      Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].A#" & strPlug,dPCon,"")
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                        What makes you believe that the eliminations will not happen unless you include the piece of code not referring to C3? Contrary, if you include that code it results in double-counting eliminations.
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                          If I include only the code below, and when I see the data in <Parent Currency>, with C3 [None], I see the actual data rolling up from the ICP accounts, I do not see the eliminations happening. The numbers are actually rolling up to the parent.

                          Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].C3#EliminationAdjustments",-1*dPCon,"")
                          Call HS.Con("V#[Elimination].C3#EliminationAdjustments.A#" & strPlug,dPCon,"")
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                            Yes, this is correct, but if you change to View C3=TotalAdjustments the eliminations will be there. So, the numbers in C3=[None] say 100 add up to the numbers in C3=EliminationAdjustments say -100 to get C3=TotalAdjustments=zero. In this way you can isolate any numbers you need, before eliminations, eliminations themselves and after eliminations.
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                              Thanks Kostas.
                              But in my case, when I check the data for C3=TotalAdjustments, I see 100 instead of zero. It is actually same as when C3=None.
                              Is there any setting that I missed in metadata for the C3 member?
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                                Have you included both +[None]+ and EliminationAdjustments as childred of TotalAdjustments in C3? Have you confirmed that EliminationAdjustments has taken the correct elimination value -100? Also, confirm that EliminationAdjustments has AggrWeight=1

                                Edited by: Kostas N. on Apr 3, 2012 3:54 PM
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                                  Yes, I have included None and EliminiationAdjustments as children of TotalAdjustments. I have also verified that data in <Parent Currency> and C3=EliminationAdjustments is -100 and AggrWeight in metadata settings is changed as 1. I did not change it for None and TotalAdjustments. I changed it only for EliminationAdjustments.
                                  I then consolidated and checked the data again, there is no change. Data in TotalAdjustments is still showing as 100. I also entered an amount of 80 to the ICP partner so that the difference can be seen in the plug account.

                                  If, for you, it really worked the way you explained earlier then I am not sure what mistake I am making.
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                                    I tried changing the AggrWeight to 1 for both EliminationAdjustments and [None]. Then when I see TotalAdjustments, I can see a value of zero. I think it works.
                                    Thanks Kostas.
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