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    Form modification?

      Hi All,
      I am using SUN Idm 7.1, i am customizing forms so i need one help Q. My form have diffrent tables and i am making required field in all tables so in each table its showing (* indicate field required?) but i want to use only once in whole form any one can help me?

      Q.2 I have approval button 1. approve 2. reject ... my condition is if i press reject only then comment field should be necessary? i don't want to make comments field as necessary for both button?

      Thanks in Advance.
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          form design in idm
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              hey any one will you please help me?
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                Answer 1: set below attribute on form level , after that we will only see one message on top of form for required field.

                <Display class='EditForm'>
                <Property name='noInlineFieldErrors' value='true'/>

                Answer 2: put <Validation> element in your form at the time of save command and check the both values, and then set your action.

                see the below example....

                <Field name='RejectButton'>
                <Display class='Button'>
                <Property name='label' value='Reject'/>
                <Property name='value' value='true'/>
                <Property name='command' value='Save'/>
                <Property name='noNewRow'>
                <ref>ApprovalComments</ref> // comment field name
                <s>Please provide appropriate comments.</s>

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                  Hey Jay,
                  Thanks alot, i will test and update you if i will get any issue.
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                    Hi jay
                    I have tried your thing but still some errors is there
                    ... for that i am getting Error 0 when i am rejecting the form.

                    <inline Field> property also not work for me.
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                      XPRESS exception:
                      Can't call method getObject on class com.waveset.ui.FormUtil ==> com.waveset.util.WSAuthorizationException: View access denied to Subject stst00d on User: stst00d.

                      I am getting this error in idm user console, when i am click on view inbox item.

                      want help its urgent to remove this error.
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                        Waiting for reply
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                          Hey Jay,
                          Validation done, Thanks for help.
                          I have posted another exception question please take a look and give your valuable suggestion.

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                            Porperty is <Property name='noInlineFieldErrors' value='true'/>

                            What it does is, once you set any field as required by default idm shows error message at two place.
                            1)     Along with field
                            2)     Top of the form
                            So to show only message on the top not with filed you have to set this property value

                            I am unable to see your other query post,

                            Can you send me you code so that i can see and suggest?

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