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    Questions on the features of a textarea.

    Bikas Ranjan
      Hi experts,

      I am working on Documaker 12.0.1. I have some doubt related to the feature of a textarea mentioned below. Could you please put a light on it ?

      _1. Sizing_
           a- Can grow and shrink
           b- Can span pages
           c- Must fit on page
           d- Suppress variable lines
           e- Adjust top line
      _2.Default (fonts)_
           a- Tab stops

      I am having some problem while creating a fap. I have 2 textareas in a fap and separated by some space, when I am seeing the output the whole fap is going to second page, although it is having enough space to print in the first page itself. For some case when I am unchecking the ADJUST TOP LINE and checking CAN GROW AND SHRINK, its coming in first page. fap is auto sized also. When I am minimizing the space between two textareas to print in first page, its overlapping. Please let me know if you need any more information..

      Bikas Ranjan
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          Please check do you have any field in text area which makes section to grow when it is get prefilled.
          If so, then you can select can grow and shrink option.

          If this option is not selected, but the field in text area printing the vlaue and not able to fit within the text area during run time.
          The height of section is getting increased, Then the whole section will be moved to the second page.

          Thank you.
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            Mr Peabody-Oracle
            You mention multiple options that can affect the result in numerous ways. For instance, 'Must fit' means that the text area must fit on a page if it can. So even with the can span turned on, the text might move as an entirety to the next page if it can't stay as a whole on the first page.

            Also note that with multiple text areas on a page, only the one text area that is formatting is allowed to split during that format. That means if you put two text areas one above the other and then make the top one grow, the bottom text area is "pushed". And if it encounters the bottom of the page, that text area will go to the next page - even if you had the split option on that one too. This behavior is not normally a problem when you consider that sections are mapped from top to bottom, but if you are using a different order or unusal sized items, it can get in the way.