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    GoldenGate Reverse Utility

      I have tried utlizing the GG Reverse utility but the documentation consistently states to create a trail file for the replicat reverse. When I try to execute this option in GG I continually get an error that says something along the lines of "this option reserved for Extracts not Replicats"

      Can someone include an example of how to perform the Reverse using GG v11.1.1.2

      Because I can't create the trail file for the replicat the reverse process won't work.

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          Only extracts create trails. The reverse utility will take a chunk of trail records and reverse them (reorder and switch around operation types). Please note LOBs are not supported (the before image does not exist in the redo logs so there's no way to set them back to their old value).

          If this is Oracle then you should also look into the Oracle flashback and DB replay.

          Good luck,