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    Unable to monitor BPM with Oracle BAM

      Hi Gurus,

      I want to monitor BPM with Oracle BAM. I have created BI (Counter,Measure,Dimension) and used Script task , Measurement to capture the data.After that,I have enable the BAM and provide the JNDI of the BAM Adapter and the Location(/Samples/Monitor Express) of the data object in Project preference of BPM project and then deploy the project into soa_server.
      Then under (/Samples/Monitor Express) folder i have created a Data Object (BI_<partition>_<comosite name>_<process>) and Dash board.
      When i am trying to test it, the dash board showing no data.

      Now my question is :
      are there any steps needed to be done for monitoring the BPM with OBAM? If there, Pls suggest that.

      I am Using Jdeveloper with Feature Pack .

      Thanks in Advance,
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          Sudipto Desmukh
          Hi Sharmistha ,
          Follow these steps one by one and see if you can see the data (this is something which we had got from oracle sales team) -

          The link above is for BPEL, but should help you understand the remainder of the setup of the Monitor Express Dashboard for your process. The corresponding steps for BPM are below.
          The high-level steps are:
          +1.     Verify that Monitor Express has been imported into BAM (Action may not be necessary):+
          The existing FMW_HOME/AS11gR1SOA/bam/samples/bam/monitorexpress/README.txt file details on importing Monitor Express samples.
          +2.     Enable BAM on the BPM Server via Enterprise Manager (Task 2: Enable Oracle BAM on the Oracle BPM Server)+
          +3.     Enable Monitoring for the process via jdev.+
          (Right click on the BPm Project in the BPM Navigator -> Project Analytics Summary -> Data targets Tab -> Enable BAM)
          +4.     Redeploy your process.+
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            Hi Sudipto,

            Thanks for the reply. i had done all the steps, which you have mentioned here. But Still it is not showing any data.
            Now, My question is , is there any template of BI data object, which i have to import?

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              Sudipto Desmukh
              Sorry Sharmistha .. I'm not sure about that. Were you able to finally resolve this issue ?