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    OTL Timecard and Approval clarification

      Hi All,

      We have an instance wehere OTL is already setup and layput is Payroll. There are three valid entries "Regular Time", "Late Coming" and "Early Leaving". Employee do not enter these values they come directaly from theire Punch IN and Punch OUT and hence "Self Sevice Time" responsibility is not configured. Also manager has access to only view employees Time Entry details but cant approve, reject or delete. So far so good..

      Now the requirement is to create a new entry "Overtime" which will not come from PUNCH card but employees have to submit through self-service and manager can approve or reject the timecard (but only overtime entry).

      Could you please guide how to acheive following:-

      1. Configure preferences so that employee can see all details but can enter or update only Overtime entry.

      P.S. we are on 12.1.1

      Thank you all in advance.
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          I have had a similar requirement a while back and the only way (at least that I know of) to achieve this is through EIT.

          - Create 'XX Overtime' element - similar to OTL elements
          - Include it to the previously created OTL element set
          - Generate mapping
          - Add the element in your alternate names (the one used by timekeeper)
          - Create EIT for 'Overtime Requests' with fields: date, time start, time end and comment
          - Create function 'Overtime Requests' and attach it to the employee self service (used to send approval request to supervisor/person)

          Now, you have two options
          1) Either create a report that pulls approved overtime request (with details) of the employees and give it to Timekeeper for updating employees timecards
          2) Modify the API that you are using to create time-cards from punch in/out time data, to include approved overtime entries from EIT.

          Hope it helps.
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            Hi -

            Have you explored the option of creating Preferences based on the Eligibility criteria of Responsibility.

            Create a Preference Tree with all the required preferences. The Alternate Preference should be set to display only the overtime element.

            The responsibilty for the time entry for the users can be set as the eligibility criteria for the above preference tree.

            I haven't tried this earlier but guess this may work.

            Best Regards, Nitin K
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              Thanks Nitin and User13222988,

              I will try the eligibility criteria, if not possible, will go from EIT.

              Waiting for few more valueable inputs.