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    How to calculate a Date

      Hi all,

      I'm taking a rtf template in BI Publisher and I have a problem with calculate a Date from the data received from a "xml". the format is the following :

      <CreatedDate>08/24/2011 17:40:23</CreatedDate>

      I need add a number of day according to another param and calculate the date exactly.

      any suggestion for this ?

      I found the following function:


      but I don't know how to use the data from the xml.

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          this should do the job:


          assuming your data comes from Siebel. Additionally, you should put in the known psfn tag into your template to be able to use the getCanonicalDate function.
          ( <?namespace:psfn=http://www.oracle.com/XSL/Transform/java/com.siebel.xmlpublisher.reports.XSLFunctions?> )