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    text_io equivalent for binary files


      I use forms 6:
      Forms [32 Bits] Versão (Produção)
      Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit Production

      I believe that what is happening with me its a bug that maybe was fixed in some new patch for forms 6. But I can´t update now.

      I´m trying to load a file (binary) from client (win) to a blob column at server.

      When I use dbms_lob in forms, the form simple crashes. No error, no nothing. It just closes.

      For clob i managed to make a workarround, i create a package at server and i read the text file with text_io at client side and create the clob in the package at server side.

      Now I need to do the same with binary files. There is a way to read and write binary files in forms (client side) without using dbms_lob?