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    Java oracle sql array problem

      Let me give you the code first:
      Object[] elements = new Object[msisdns.size()];
      for(int i=0;i<msisdns.size();i++){
           elements[i] = msisdns.get(i);
      ArrayDescriptor arrayDesc = ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor("TYPE_MSISDN_ARR", conn);
      ARRAY array = new ARRAY(arrayDesc, conn, elements);
      Now let me explain step by step. "msisdns" is of type:
      and it has 1000 elements in it.
      "TYPE_MSISDN_ARR" is a collection type and simply:
      is table of varchar2(10)
      conn is my connection.

      My problem is that even though the "elements" has the data in it, I am not able to create the "array" including the same data. It is always created
      with null data even though it retrieves the size true, in this case 1000. So the size is retrieved and correct but not the data. Any ideas?

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          This is exactly my problem too!

          Does anyone have the solution?

          Thanks very much

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            The main reason the original poster did not get any answers at all is because this question is posted in completely the wrong forum.
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